Commandant’s Thanksgiving Day Message


HEADQUARTERS MARINE CORPS, Washington DC —Thanksgiving is an occasion for America to celebrate the extent to which we have been blessed. As we gather with family and friends this year to give thanks for all that we enjoy, I encourage all Marines to pause and reflect upon the meaning of this special day. The tradition of Thanksgiving is rooted in the spirit of unity and charity – it is ultimately an expression of appreciation for all those who serve their community.

Accordingly, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those who serve our great nation and its many local communities. The difference that you make, whether in uniform or out of uniform, overseas or on the home-front, is one that matters. Your service to family, Corps, and country is treasured. Your work and your commitment are what give America its greatness.

Diane joins me in wishing all of you — Marines, sailors, civilian Marines, and all members of the Marine family — a bountiful Thanksgiving and a safe and joyful holiday season.
Semper Fidelis,
J. L. Jones,
General, U.S. Marines
Commandant of the Marine Corps

By Headquarters Marine Corps

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