Reservists Welcomed Home


SACRAMENTO, CA- They are drivers, mechanics and logistics experts who have spent six months at a base in the Iraqi desert about a three hour drive southwest of Baghdad.

Wednesday night, family and friends gathered at Sacramento International Airport to welcome reservists with the Marines’ 4th Maintenance Battalion back home to Northern California.

Sacramento Marine reservists welcomed home

“We’ve been together since my freshman year in high school,” said Tonya Gonzales of Turlock, whose fiancee, Eduardo Castellanos, is a truck driver and diesel mechanic when he’s with his Marine Reserve unit. At home, he is a deputy with the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.

“When he comes home, we’re planning on getting married,” said Gonzales, who screamed as he came down the escalator after his arrival was delayed by over two hours. Gonzales was hugged for several minutes by his fiancee, his family and friends.

The first group of arrivals was reportedly delayed by one of their own.

“My husband told me one of the Marines neglected to clean out a bathroom, so their flight had to get changed because he didn’t do his job,” said Jessyca Foreman, whose husband Randy Foreman is a mechanic with the unit. “I would like to know who that guy was.”

But all was soon forgiven and forgotten as her husband arrived, along with about 30 other members of the unit. “What he wants to do is celebrate all the holidays he missed and he’s really excited about Valentines Day,” Foreman said.

At least part of the unit will be deployed again in about six months, said several family members. But for now, it is time for members to get back to their civilian jobs and the lives they left behind.

“They say out of the military, one of the hardest jobs of all is the wives,” said Foreman, whose husband plans to take her out to a very fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

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