Why Should I Join the Military?

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Why Should One Join the Military?

Many young people these days are not sure what to do with their lives. Most don’t have money for an expensive education that will enable them to learn skills to make it in the real world. As always, the military can be the answer young people have been seeking.

The Branches of the Military

You don’t have to sign up for active duty. You can sign on with the military in the Guard and Reserve units. You can choose from the Air Force, the Navy, the Army or the Marine Corps. These branches are under the Department of Defenses’ jurisdiction. If the sea is your passion, join the Coast Guard. In peacetime you will answer to the Department of Homeland Security and during wartime you will report to the Department of Defense via the Navy.

Benefits of Joining the Military

When you join the military you will have access to the highest quality of training and opportunities for a lifetime career in a field you enjoy. You will have base pay, a variety of discounts, support for tuition in your chosen field and full medical insurance coverage.

You will get to travel the globe at no cost to you. The military offers travel for both business and pleasure. You will also receive not just job training but preparation for your chosen career in the civilian world. Much of the training you receive in the military will prepare you for a variety of civilian job equivalents.

The pride you take in the service to your country cannot be stressed enough. Knowing that you have put in your time to ensure the safety of your nation will bring you the confidence in yourself you may have lacked before enlisting.

You will meet all kinds of people from every walk of life, learn about different cultures and take pride in yourself and your accomplishments. A career in the military is also a possibility for those that attend OTS or Officer Training Schools.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for both a career in the military or in the private sector abound. The military may not always provide you with training you had first desired, but you will be fitted to a career that will enable you to use your abilities for maximum performance. Everyone is different and the skills you are best at and where you are most needed are where you can flourish. You may march with the infantry or use the most advanced technology that is available.

A career in the military can help you to learn self discipline and how to work within a group and teach you important leadership skills that will last a lifetime. A stint in the military looks good on anyone’s resume and can take you further than if you had skipped enlistment.

No matter what branch of the military you choose, you will learn life changing skills that can only enhance your civilian life when you are discharged. If you choose a lifetime in the military you will always be able to count on the support and training that a career in the military can provide.

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